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This is the best, largest and most popular of all the portable hyperbaric chamber's.  

The Viteris has become well-known around the NFL, as Dr Leon is one of the leading physicians in sports hyperbaric applications. The Vitaeris expands 32 inches in diameter, 93 inches in length. This Oxygen Chamber is very spacious, 2-adults or an adult and a child can fit inside comfortablely with a Tempur-pedic mattress, very practical for use at home or travel. 

Using it at home or packing it up and taking it on the road, just as our pro-athlete's choose or traveling executives to keep a high level of health when at the peak of their athletic or business seasons.  The 320 Vitaeris is perfect for any executive, parent or children to use at home, to build and strengthen their immune system's to recover from work and play just as athletes use it, it is self-sufficient and very easy to use.

To date, from Dr. Leon Mellman's "B-Your Greatest Pro-Healthcare Organization" combined with Oxyhealth over 273 executives, pro-parents and the pro athlete have bought and realized how great the investment is for their careers, goals and families well being. 

Dr Leon's nutritional clients, ranging from the executive to pro parent to pro-athlete over the past 13 years in time position themselves to experience through our rental programs and or purchase programs the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy right in their own homes. 

Request more information, Financing available. (Purchase, Rental or Pre-Owned)


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