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Integrated Nutritional


Developed by sari mellman ph.D.; Counsel by Dr. Leon Mellman, D.C

Dietary Program Fee and Dietary Playbook: Your Integrated Nutritional Program for

Applied Immunology is Presented in the Form Of:


Sari Mellman's, B Your Greatest, - Dietary Playbook.

An Integrated Nutritional Program for Applied Immunology.



Throughout the next four months of counsel, you will experience a custom diagnostic section related to your immune system, strategic educational diagrams to implement your Dietary Progression, and receive a very accurate scale that offers specific features. During those months, Dr. Leon will provide counsel implementing and interpreting the new rules for your immune system. “The integration progression process” of your immune systems evolvement is a critical key component to our nutritional science, the dietary program, and how, 35 years later, we still have not had one program the same. Demonstrating the relationship to your medical history, the environments that you work in, live in, and travel to and from. Immune systems can improve. Your immune system can strengthen, year after year. This is another ultimate focus of your dietary progression.


You will experience a complete integrated healthcare management system with in-depth counsel and an ongoing constant contact experience with Dr. Leon Mellman, regarding what each participant's immune system is accomplishing, within the protocol of the program. Dietary counsel on updates and trends providing for higher-level decision making regarding agricultural changes to the marketplace.

COVID-19 | Special Payment Plan Option | Policy starting June 1st

1.) 50% down payment of the full amount “cost” of the Dietary Engineering ➡️  Dietary Progressions Program must be received at the time your blood sample specimen arrives at our laboratory to begin its initial processing.


2.) Based on supplying a recent credit score ( 3-months past time ) from Experian or Fico sources, the remaining amount due will be allocated an interest rate with selected monthly payment plan option, over 4-months or 6-months time.


3.) Shipping / FedEx of your program materials within 2.5 weeks timeline. The Dietary Program amount can be paid in full - immediately to accelerate your-laboratories' final diagnostic staging time-line.


Remaining details that apply to this; “selected payment plan option” are reviewed by Dr.Leon Mellman concluding your meet & greet medical interview call and on your dietary engineering dietary progression emailed invoice.


R3P, referrals - recognition & rewards allows for internal credit points with a real dollar amount.  Electronically recorded to recognize and reward you for referrals.

This is electronically recorded as an internal credit that can be used towards your future Re-Engineering Diagnostic Dietary Formulation - Dietary Progression Program in 2016. If you are referring family members and wish to apply your internal "R3P" credits to each of their individual programs, the fee can be reduced by $500.00, up to 1,000 credit points/dollars maximum, per individual.


If remaining credits are still pending, they will roll-over to your next Dietary Re-Engineered application or you can apply them to the next person of your choice, per referral credit. The active dietary client can also choose to award their referral (a new client that is not a family member) with their "R3P" internal credit points/dollars.


The program fee can be reduced by $500.00 up to 1,000 credit points / dollars maximum, per individual.


Reducing the cost of the Dietary Progression Program.


These credits are not applied to business groups or during email and Holiday Campaigns. Confidential credits with business groups of six or more participants can be discussed.


Tax - Incentives | Flex Spending - Healthcare Savings Accounts:


Business and group referrals offer possible tax incentive strategies to the responsible entity or individual(s). Questions regarding the Dietary Programs fee or Oxygen Chamber packages for purchase/lease/rental can be discussed during your interview with Dr. Leon Mellman.



mineral support


The A.M. (by day) & P.M. ( by night ) are formulated to interact with each other when taken daily.


This scientific blend of key nutrients is essential & critical for both male & female immune systems.


• 39 advanced vitamins & minerals

• Free form, fermented pharmaceutical grade Amino-acids

• Hypo Allergenic Complete B-Vitamin Complex & Anti-Oxidants • No Fillers, Additives, or Excipients

• Non-GMO, Gluten Free formula

• SKU: AMPM001

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vitaeris 320

The best and largest in our fleet of mild hyperbaric chambers, the Vitaeris 320 boasts a roomy 32” inflated diameter that comfortably seats two.  Dual pumps boost inflation time and provide twice the airflow throughout the chamber.  "Most importantly strengthening the immune system over time from the 1.3 ATA rating as documented in research.

Using it at home or packing it up and taking it on the road, just as our pro-athlete's choose or traveling executives to keep a high level of health when at the peak of their athletic or business seasons.  The 320 Vitaeris is perfect for any executive, parent or children to use at home, to build and strengthen their immune system's to recover from work and play just as athletes use it, it is self-sufficient and very easy to use.

fortius 420

The 420 is designed with the elite professional, elite athlete, elite executive and elite sports physician in mind. This chamber provides treatment for a broad range of athletic purposes but most importantly focusing on strengthening the immune system in less time by higher pressures provided with oxygen concentration from converted oxygen Concentrators. 

Send a message to the Concierge FrontDesk for your individualized quote with meet & greet call from Dr. Leon Mellman, to discuss use, placement & what your main focus is applying oxygen chamber protocols.

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