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The 420 is designed with the elite professional, elite athlete, elite executive and elite sports physician in mind. This chamber provides treatment for a broad range of athletic purposes but most importantly focusing on strengthening the immune system in less time by higher pressures provided with oxygen concentration from converted oxygen concentrators.  Pure oxygen supply is another option and some seek to treat with nitrox. 

Acute injuries such as ligament sprain's muscle pulls fractures dislocations contusions and concussions this chamber provides higher pressure levels than the portable chambers like the 320 Vitaeris, to help get the injured athlete or the athlete looking to strengthen their immune system in less time back on the field track or court at a faster rate. The 420 is a faster application while the 320 will get the same work done yet over a longer period of time.

420F, Fortius, recently cleared for single use at home, is one of the most advanced breakthroughs in natural healing & performance allowed.

The 420F, is a large 42 inch hard chamber it is easy to use and the best option for for the individual who is looking to accelerate the results in the shortest amount of time for a team practicing physician or private sports practicing physician.  The spacious room inside allows for all client patients from athletes to executives to stretch or perform core or posterior chain exercises, even better relax and watch a movie, or study up in your next meeting while at the sametime boost your immune system, right at home. 2-adults or an adult and a child can fit inside comfortablely with a Tempur-pedic mattress,  also very practical for use at home.


To date, from Dr. Leon Mellman's "B-Your Greatest Pro-Healthcare Organization" combined with Oxyhealth over 273 executives, pro-parents and the pro athlete have bought and realized how great the investment is for their careers, goals and families well being. 

Dr Leon's nutritional clients, ranging from the executive to pro parent to pro-athlete over the past 13 years in time position themselves to experience through our rental programs and or purchase programs the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy right in their own homes. 

Request more information, Financing available. (Purchase, Rental or Pre-Owned)

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