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want to know why our program is so unique

weightloss, weight maintenance & health benefits

are the most popular reasons for using this program.

your system can have the opportunity to correct and repair itself.

The wrong foods = the wrong energy

The right foods = the right energy

Nutrition’s best kept secret is in your blood.


Weight loss, weight maintenance, and health benefits are the most popular reasons for using this program. If a person is not at their appropriate weight for their frame size, they will lose weight on a daily basis until their system reaches the correct weight. If they are at the correct weight, they will automatically maintain this weight. If someone needs to gain weight, it will occur because it is what that system needs to be healthy. This is the effect of knowing and eating the right foods for your particular system. 

We use Olympic standards to determine your weight per frame size and give instruction on how to determine this by measurement during your medical interview call. During the interview, Dr. Leon Mellman will give you approximations of the target weight per frame size specific to your confidential medical history discussed in counsel. These details and your blood sample are integrated when diagnostically formulating your Dietary Progressions Program.


Health benefits are another result of being on this dietary program. Some people can lose weight on most programs but they still need their medications because all health problems are not weight related – all health problems are immune related. This is another reason why I developed the application Dietary Progressions, which is the program that connects the diagnostic foundation we formulate for you. Like, for example, when a new client's main focus is to reduce medication(s) or have positive changes on labs, yet their weight per frame size is good. Or they simply wish to improve performance at work and at play.

Understanding the Program

There have been myths and theories about rotational diets, so to be very clear - this is not a rotational diet.


With our integrated nutritional program, Dietary Progressions™, it is not necessary to remove a food item forever and it is not necessary to rotate foods in pursuit of reaching a form of correction or compatibility with food structures.


The Dietary Progressions Program starts with a sample of your blood. It enables us to learn and identify if a client has any problems with food structures. There have been only six known mechanisms identified in immunology within the past 60 years that are believed responsible for improper recognition of food structures eaten.


Within my first 19 years, I discovered that there are many more "Unknown Mechanisms" than "Known" and have developed the protocol/application to manipulate and adjust them, progressing towards forms of correction. During those 19 years (plus a few more) I documented all the Unknown Mechanisms that presented themselves with the Known mechanisms. This very Unknown territory lead me to pioneer our very own Dietary Diagnostic Formulation software. With the use of our integrated dietary software and our protocol/application – the Dietary Progressions Program – your system is able to correct and repair itself in a short period of time resulting in improved health, performance, and weight loss.


If there are some foods, chemicals, preservatives, or additives that are causing an inflammatory response or symptoms within your system, (gas, bloating, sinus problems, different forms of reflux, or your weight going up on the scale), your educational call series (in which many topics are mentioned throughout the website), followed up by your format reviews with a list of other parameters that we review during your initial orientation call, Titled, How To Play the Game™ to guide you through your four months of counsel.


Having an interactive experience with your system will aid in understanding what your system is going to communicate to you from the correct foods being consumed. Starting right in your mouth, digestive neurological highways of communication are shared between your nervous system and your entire digestive system.


Connecting our Dietary Diagnostic Software and the application Dietary Progressions completes your Dietary Playbook™, a guide for your system to evolve with these Known and Unknown Mechanisms. During your Dietary Progression, our dietary diagnostic software formulation will reveal the Unknowns that may be causing problems, including your body holding weight or contributing to ill health. As every system is different, some achieve correction in a short period of time but for others it's over a longer period of time.

Your system can have the opportunity to correct & repair itself. Are you ready for an eye-opening experience? 

The parameters of establishing what defines correction, or what determines your own correction, will be initially discussed during your medical interview and again during your orientation call, Titled, How To Play The Game™.This when your Dietary Playbook™ is presented to you by Dr. Leon Mellman for your initial understanding of the diagnostic materials, as it directly relates to your immune system. Your Dietary Playbook™ arrives with a very accurate scale that offers specific features Dr. Leon will provide during your 4 months of counsel, implementing and interpreting the new rules to your immune system during your format reviews and educational calls, when submitting your daily data (via email), implementing your Dietary Progression™.


From your day-one foods through your diagnostically formulated challenge lists, magical food moments begin to happen. You're introduced to multiple concepts that, clients agree, are eye opening experiences - windows of opportunity in learning how to tap into your your body's own sleep technology, such as Mapping Out Your Cleaning Cycles™ and what's been dubbed, your Horizontal Time - the Horizontal Position™. a.k.a. REST and learning about The PM Scale Reading™, your prostaglandins hormone technology. Most importantly, what all this means is the timing of the correct foods within your Dietary Progression is everything.

Your Dietary Playbook  Is presented to you by, Dr. Leon Mellman, for Initial understanding of the diagnostic materials, as it directly relates to only your immune system. Dr. Leon's dietary counsel guides you through 4 months of format reviews, a.k.a food coaching calls as you set yourself-up for making magical food moments.

Your individualized Dietary Playbook is finalized with materials and a very accurate high-tech scale that offers special features, FedEx to you. Unique & specific to only your system, a custom diagnostic section, related to your immune system,strategic educational diagrams and the new rules to implement your dietary progression.

Preliminary laboratory processing continues for Sari Mellman's Integrated Nutritional Programs for Applied Immunology. Final Staging of diagnostic dietary software formulation by Dr. Leon Mellman.

The Dietary progressions program starts with a sample of your blood paired with your medical
interview, a conference call with Dr. Leon Mellman. Once received, we learn, and identify problems, interference with food structures, chemicals, and preservatives causing or contributing to ill-health, inflammatory response, holding toxic weight or physical symptoms. Your Specimen kit is shipped; returned by FedEx.


is everything!

When foods are consumed, they become chemical structures. If they become the wrong chemical structure for the food group they belong to, certain white blood cell membranes become irritated and inflamed, then become toxic dead weight and die.


The cells interpret this as an attack within your system and contributes to your weight gain and toxicity by suppressing your immune system, causing body parts to swell and leave you feeling as if you are carrying around a dumbbell of toxic dead weight.


Different white blood cells help support the function of many specific systems in your body. Through the application we developed, Dietary Progressions, we can tell which system appears to be trending toward dysfunction and how your body will try to correct and repair with the foods that are in your particular program. Timing is everything with the right foods being consumed at the right time with the right amount of Horizontal Time, HT™.

Correct food for your system (=) the right energy for your system. The wrong foods equal (=) the wrong energy.

Our nervous and digestive systems neurology are truly marinated within our anatomy as an infused communication highway immediately interacting with the food we eat. Internal phone calls -neurological communication with enzymatic conversation– start to activate with just the touch of food to your tongue, in preparation of coding the compatibility of your challenge food, working correctly or not working correctly, according to the "New Rules", protocols, and application of your "Dietary Playbook's Dietary Progression". This is explained during counsel specific to your particular system.


Serious Food For Thought


Detecting which Prostaglandin pathways are exhausted and in need of rest and repair is another one of our pioneering efforts. Understanding which Prostaglandin foods, if possible, to start your Dietary Progressions program with and which Prostaglandin food not to start with can be a basic fundamental reason for your dietary success. Timing this prostaglandin fundamental leads your body's ability to manufacture more anti-inflammatory hormones (male or female), thus providing enhanced protection, efficiency, and performance for each end organ system involved. This, accomplished at any age, is a WIN/WIN !

Going off program &

going back on program

Recovery Day Protocal

When it comes to going off program for one meal, which we call a “Food-Lotto”™, or one day entirely, such as a holiday, or a few days like a weekend getaway, or longer, like a vacation, you will know exactly which foods are specific recovery day foods when returning to your program and for your particular system. This becomes self-empowering and "cell-empowering" by trusting and knowing which foods to start back on the program with. This accelerates the scale in the right direction, recovering within a 48 hour to 72 hour timeframe. Your system will be right back to where it was before you went off program, or very close to it.


The inflammation put on while off the program magically disappears and cannot be found on the scale, under the bed sheets, or at the gym because you didn't go. You chose to eat the right foods, get the right amount of horizontal time, in only the horizontal position and your system accelerated and incinerated the removal of inflammation that was put on when you went off program.


Now you're seriously inspired to go to the gym after your recovery day protocol, eat the right foods and witness your cleaning cycles capture an all time new low weight and body fat percentage, and you haven't even started yet! Imagine going to the gym with all that already accomplished before you get there.


You'll be lighter, have more energy, more stamina, and a stronger mental focus because your body has recovered by eating the right foods, producing more energy in your fitness routines and athletically feeling stronger. On this program, you will be going to exercise for the right reasons and enjoy freedom from the “control the scale syndrome”. Female Systems have two options each month when their menstrual cycle is about to begin.



Is to go off program and enjoy yourself in case you are having cravings because of hormonal neurotransmission. During this time of hormonal neural transmission, most women state they experience weight gain, feel and see increased levels of inflammation in their body, and even some moodiness. We teach our female clients to take advantage of this time, and enjoy it.

Keep your system food-focused™ on achieving more efficiency and a level of hormonal correction. Remain on program to have your cells become more efficient during your menstrual cycle, which can result in less hemorrhage, less fatigue, and more energy, both mentally and physically. When option 2 is practiced within back to back months, more consistency between menstrual cycles is reported and timing of ovulation and menstrual cycle is improved. A profound experience by some is regaining a menstrual cycle that has disappeared and others come to our dietary program seeking to increase their chances of pregnancy naturally, by attempting to regain their menstrual cycle by eating the right Prostaglandin.


Regardless if you choose option one or option two, it becomes fun if you know the rules to play the game. Truly enjoy this time because either way you know which foods will help you recover and get you right back to where you were before. If you choose to stay on your foods, as a result your menstrual cycle ended early and the positive side effect is you have an all-time new low weight, or close to it.


Remember if you vacation on weekends or weeks at a time, it is very easy to come back on program where you left off and find continued success. I do suggest you enjoy yourself on vacations, holidays, weekends, or a day off, or you're just going to perform a food lotto until all the foods that work for you are what she would eat on vacation anyway. Yes, many clients enjoy Haagen Dazs & different variations of Organic ice cream from dairy, coconut, and many other choices in the marketplace as part of their program, with unlimited portions daily with great dietary success.


Many health problems are weight related and immune related. Any decrease in inflammatory processes will limit those Unknowns that contribute to abnormal organ and cell function. As a special note, we would like mention that one of the program's applications is to improve immune response and cellular communication. In addition to weight management, an additional purpose of the dietary program's protocol is to educate, motivate, and inspire participants on finding foods that will fulfill the essential fatty acid prostaglandin pathways with the correct fats for their systems. This will enable their bodies to manufacture more anti-inflammatory hormones thus providing enhanced protection for each end organ system involved. Many professional athletes and executives experience less injury, faster recovery from injury, and a more rapid recovery from exercise.


Your body will have the opportunity to manufacture more anti-inflammatory hormones when you eat the correct fats for your system, allowing efficient and effective Prostaglandin function, which can cause the positive side effect experience of less pain after exercise, as the professional athletes who have practiced our protocols have found.

Many NFL, MLB, and PGA/LPGA clients, elite executives, and working parents report that they do not feel the the need to take anti-inflammatory medication anymore after games and tournaments because their bodies supply more of their own anti-inflammatory hormones. This is also the reason that arthritic pain is relieved on this program. Other associated inflammatory issues gain relief and healthier management on this program. With coordinated guidance, many clients have reduced their doses of prescribed medications.



It’s at this time on your unique individualized Dietary Progression that your system is seeking compatibility through immune system parameters, rules, and protocols we share with you in counsel. It's the integration of your Dietary Progression that connects the diagnostic foundation formulated for you. As you receive your "Dietary Playbook" and start with the initial orientation call, “Titled – How To Play The Game”, you'll add to your individual format reviews using an interactive downloadable app spreadsheet day to day, and receive educational calls specific to your diagnostic section in your “Dietary Playbook" to map out your dietary progression, encouraging you to remain food-focused and stay on program.


Dr. Leon will be your guide. Start to have an interactive experience on the right foods with your body. Most importantly understand it; your body's feedback, your immunogenic response! From food to food in which your immune system interacts and communicates with you, revealing your unknowns, delayed reaction patterns (if any), Mapping Out Your Cleaning Cycles, inflammation related to our Scale Reactivity System™ and building your specific list of foods that prove compatible to white blood cells. Like building a financial portfolio specific to your profession and lifestyle, these foods can be trusted, again, and again and again. Your “super-foods” your secret-foods™ discovered, specific to only your system, formulating your very own Dietary Portfolio. Your own nutritional science.

We use this analogy:

If you only use the diagnostic findings without the application then...


If you do not go through the Dietary Progression, real improvement will not occur due to the fact that you will always have other interference from foods that were not identified as problematic, whether determined through the diagnostic formulations or because of their "unknown mechanism", but are still being consumed by the client.


For over 35 years, our research-based and developed dietary software by Sari Mellman, PhD has revealed more Unknowns and yielded an in-depth understanding of one's immune system not typically seen within many types of laboratory panel ordering, food sensitivity testing, or different forms of allergy testing. This is the starting point of your medical interview, your blood sample, the initial laboratory processing, and then the final staging of your specimen for Dr. Leon Mellman to diagnostically formulate your Dietary Progression.


This is the basic, fundamental underlying reason of Why We Are Unique!, we offer an integrated nutritional program for applied immunology you can learn and you can apply as long as you like...

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